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If you are still wondering were we can fit in to your company’s Cloud journey, reach out to us and our team will be happy to guide you.

Managed Cloud Services

You are not alone, you can completely outsource your cloud operations to our team of experts.

If your organization is eager to be on the cutting edge of Public Cloud best practices, you should look into Cloudpatria’s managed cloud services.

Managed Cloud Landing Zone

Make preparations for your cloud move. Create a strong cloud foundation. Make it as safe, scalable, and consistent as possible. Allow your cloud trip to be quick. There is no coding necessary. A service request will suffice. Cloudpatria is here to help you every step of the way.

Managed Cloud Migration

Managed Cloud Migration is a cost-effective and time-saving cloud migration solution. It’s a novel method that lowers risks while allowing you to realise the benefits of cloud computing sooner. With a distinct financing model and a simplified approach for combining cloud-native migration and managed services.

Managed Cloud Environments

Maintain the availability, optimization, and security of your cloud infrastructure at all times.

You are responsible for workloads developed on public cloud platforms. You cannot afford for them to fail because your brand will suffers as a result. We remove the risk, allowing your IT staff to focus on delivery and creativity.

Managed Cloud Applications

The application management services provided by Cloudpatria go beyond the usual operational emphasis, allowing continual improvement and continued value. You get comprehensive assistance that includes everything from bug fixes to new features to incident management and catastrophe recovery. When it comes to incidents and service requests, our on-call staff responds within a day.

Managed Application Modernisation

When you load and move programmes to the cloud, you are migrating legacy issues that were entangled in webs of code and data that were not worth untangling at the time. If you do not modernize, your cloud value will stagnate.

Managed Application Modernization is a financially wise and strategic approach to disentangle complex webs, minimize risks, drive down costs – and maximize cloud value.

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